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destiny's cars is a "boom cars ensemble" playing an electroacoustic music piece broadcasted by an octophonic sound system using the powerfull audio installations of this 8 "boomcars".
The audience is surrounded by these cars from which go out the sounds sended by a master multitrack system .

Presented here out of context, these cars seem to form an orchestra, by
interpreting a composition nourished by there own universe.
In the street, the sounds that they propagate, are the emul
sion that what allow machines and modernity, and becomes part of our sonorous landscape.
This special output medium of our era is considering these cars to become a singular broadcasting method.

This is also a piece on the border of reality and its interpretations, or again, between popular music and a rather risky other, which considers in any case the creation in itself, for these cars are before all the one of their owner.

Production : happy news ears.